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NYABERA PRIMARY SCHOOL is situeted nyabera sublocation,west uyoma location ,madiany division,Rarieda district,Siaya county ,Nyanza province in kenya.The school was initiated under ACK church in the year 1945  under the leadership  mzee ISAIYA NDISI MILAYI,ABSALOM ONGIRI OGARE and ESAU ORINGO ADHOCH.In the 1949 the school was moved slitely far away from church compound to its current site as an independent learning educational with qualified government teachers. the school is located within aspace of about  6 ACRES of land donated willingly by the family of MZEE ODERA ATENG andMZEE ONGIRO OGONY.May god bless their generousity and forsight towards education.

The KOBOR CLAN members willingly with HARAMBEE SPIRIT managed toput up three (3) classrooms for the newly sited school. The first headteacher was non other than the  late MR.FANUEL OGONY  ONGILI " bravo ".other teachers just  to mention but afew were ;MR. MELKEZEDEK OBONDI;MR.JOHN ASESA ;JACK WALTER ODENYO;MR.BENSON ARUDO OPIYO and MZEE ROBERT NYAWANDA AMALA.

The child population by then was only about 34 pupils for the entire school.This has risen trimendously to the current 520 pupils;i.e.245 girls and 275 boys.The first SMC was formed chaired by MZEE MESHACK RESA.The  school;s history kept on changing with time upto its current state that follows immediately.




The school has several infrastructures.some were donations from gvt grant;-1 classroom,PLAN K;-4 Classes;CDF;-1 library under construction;PLAN K ;-6 …

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The school has the following active clubs;

    children planting seedlings forv gsp  

a)4-K CLUB


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